Precision UPVC Spray Painting Services

We can help our customers in the local areas of Wakefield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Scarborough and all across North England

Our spray painting experts have a range of experience in working with the likes of kitchens, house/garage doors, exterior/interior walls, fitted wardrobes, cabinets, windows/window panes, garden sheds, garden furniture and much more. 

​We are always open to speaking with our customers on the various parts of their home or any other objects that they would like to have spray painted. In the past, we have also sprayed our UPVC paint on store fronts, gym equipment, furniture and fencing.


Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen Cabinets Sprayed Grey.jpg

One of the most popular services we offer our customers is full kitchen makeovers. This would involve spraying cabinet doors and handles amongst some other work we can complete

House + Garage Doors

House and Garage Doors

Would you like to update the look of your house by adding a fresh and long-lasting quality coat of UPVC spray paint? Precision UPVC can help do this to your exterior doors and garages. We can also do the same for any internal doors of your house

Exterior + Interior Walls

Exterior Wall Spray.jpg

Painting exterior walls of houses can be a laborious task but with our UPVC spray painting process, this can be done efficiently and quickly. The finished walls look amazing and can last up to 7 years from one single coat

Wardrobes + Cabinets

Black Wardrobes with Gold Rose Handles

Whether you have a fitted or a stand-alone wardrobe we can add a new touch of class to whatever bedroom furniture piece you have in your home. We also can spray paint handles in whichever colour you like


Front Door and Window Pane Spraying.jpg

Windowpanes are usually either a standard black or white colour, which aren't always easy to keep looking clean and fresh looking. With Precision UPVC you update the overall appearance of your windowpanes which will, in turn, make your home or place of work look much more presentable

Garden Shed + Furniture

Garden Shed

Do you have a garden shed, man cave or external building in your home or garden? Put down your paintbrush and trust Precision UPVC to have your outdoor area looking great. We also add a new look to garden tables, chairs, benches and even hot tubs! 


Special Offers Available

Have a look at some of the amazing special offers we offer our customers for choosing Precision UPVC

Front Door Icon

1 Door
Spray Painted 

Matte Grey, Black or White
Was £150, now £100

Garage Door Icon

1 Door + 1 Garage Door
Spray Painted

Matte Grey, Black or White
Was £300, now £420


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